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Illuminair specializes in contemporary aerial, fire, and contortion acts…Let us help create your ideal performance package!


Aerial acts

Illuminair’s aerial acts are some of the most unique available in Ontario and beyond. Our artists have represented the nation in international aerial competitions, been headliner guest artists at various North American festivals, and are regularly the featured performers at some of Toronto, Vancouver, and Detroit’s largest yearly events.

We feature acclaimed solos on apparatus such as the ever-classic aerial silks and hoop, dance trapeze, and rope, but our duo and group acts are a company specialty and are renowned for their complex technique, feats of trust between artists, and beautiful movement.

Illiminair is happy to work with you and your venue to ensure that, logistically, an aerial act can occur at your event. If in-ceiling rigging is not a posibility, fear not! We offer numerous options via our fully portable aerial rig and/or our popular ‘lollipop-lyra.’


Fire Acts

Illuminair’s fire artists are some of the most experienced in Canada. Widely recognized as the go-to fire arts performance troupe in Ontario, Illuminair has worked with the City of Toronto for large-scale public events since 2016, and have worked in dozens of historic halls, convention centers, and banquet halls over the last 8 years. We have had numerous artists take top-3 places at the Masters of Fire competition, held every year in Montreal, on more than one occasion.

Our safety record is impeccable and we have worked successfully with fire marshals from all over the continent to ensure a safe performance. All of our fire shows include a fire safety tech from our team in addition to the performer(s). Up to 5 million dollars of insurance coverage is held by all of our fire artists, and every venue is named as ‘additionally insured’ for the day your your event.

Whether one of our 10 minute solo acts is ideal for your event, or a more extravagant group number is more in line with your vision, Illuminair fire artists are professional, reliable, and of course, excellent performers.

**Our fire solos are generally presented as 8-10 minute shows featuring up to 3 different fire apparatus. Duos are closer to 15 minutes and feature up to 6-7 different fire props. Trios and quad acts are also possible. More info on group acts available upon request.


Contortion and Handbalancing

Illuminair is thrilled to offer contortion as a bookable act! This ancient and beautiful act explores the very limits of the human body. Our contortion artists specialize in the Mongolian style, which emphasizes graceful arm movements, splits, and back-bends.

Our feature-style contortion acts are carefully choreographed to music, are 5-6 minutes long, and occur on a raised, custom-made ‘contortion table,’ to ensure great sight-lines for all guests. Should you desire, the music used for the act can be chosen in advance by you to suit your event. Longer, ambient sets are also an option should that format fit your needs best. Please contact us for more information.

Illuminair’s duo handbalancing act is one fo the few in Ontario and has been performed at numerous corporate and private events to much acclaim. Let our artists wow your guests with their strength, artistry, trust, and flexibility. Their act is 6 minutes long and requires a clear footprint of floorspace that is at least 10’x15’.


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